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BMW tuner Van Harten Performance from Holand recently got its hands on a brand new BMW S1000RR superbike and, apart from turning it into what appears to be a carbon fiber edition, it can also brag about being the first to take the S1000RR beyond the 200bhp barrier. And I’m not so sure you’ll believe us when saying they managed to squeeze 210bhp out of German inline-four by only adding a four-in-one Akrapovic exhaust system. But it is the truth and it really shows this bike’s tuning potential.

Source: MCN
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Rizla Suzuki has today released the first pics of the 2010 GSV-R, the 800cc MotoGP racing bike that will be ridden by Loris Capirossi and Alvaro Bautista in the upcoming season. The bike will again distinguish thanks to the dominating Blue with RIZLA written on each side.

Althought the bike doesn’t look much different from the 2009 model, the team claims their fourth generation model is better from all points of view: acceleration, aerodynamics, chassis and electronics. Still the V4 copes with engine restrictions implemented into this year’s championship, meaning Suzuki will only supply 6 engines for all 18 races.

While it is nice seeing that reliability is also taken into concern, what happened to “the best race engine is the one that ceases right after passing the finish line”?

Source: Rizla Suzuki
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Since BMW introduced the S1000RR less than a year ago, the motorcycle press began to speculate about the possible half-faired or naked models that could be derived from what has meanwhile become the best superbike out there.

We even brought you the BMW R1000RS and S1000RS concepts by Oberdan Bezzi, but according to an official release, BMW doesn’t yet have other plans for the S1000RR platform as spokesman Scott Grimsdall said: “We’re concentrating on the launch of the S1000RR and have no plans to expand the S range.”

While this is sad news for buyers of such models and good news for the current kings of 1000cc sport-touring and naked classes, we reckon BMW are just playing it safe for now and will get their fair share of the market after all.

Source: MCN
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This may not look like a student’s regular scooter concept, but more like an ingenious mean of short distance commuting inside airports. It is called Nexus and designer Francisco Lupin thought at everything to make it happen: two electric engines fed by four 12V batteries will supposedly be capable to power what we like to call the suitcase scooter to a top speed of 15 km/h (9.3 mph) while carrying a maximum load of 110 kg (242.5 pounds). It will go like this for two hours before emptying the batteries.

The Nexus can also be used as a regular suitcase when the batteries are empty and as long as it will fit in the overhead compartment, I’m buying one as soon as they start making it…if it ever happens, of course.

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The Skeletor is a truly unique custom made motorcycle by Vardenchi Customs from India and guess what. It doesn’t have a V-twin engine or much chrome to make it shine as it is ridden down the freeway, but its builder declares: “I’ve never got so many stares on a motorcycle before.” That is most likely because after hours and hours of hard work, the Skeletor motorcycle looks like it just rode out of a graveyard in a MJ-like music video.

The scary looking thing was actually ordered by a Mumbai celebrity and it took Vardenchi Customs three months to complete. It looks like the very demanding customer isn’t craving for an impressive horsepower figure, just a way to stand out furthermore from the crowd.

Based on a Vardenchi Classic, the Skeletor features the shop’s regular frame and two-arm-swinger, while the fork meets the frame at a rake angle that helps making it look like engaging in a some sort of attack position. On top of the original frame, this custom gets a bone-like look with a metal matte silver paintjob. Okay, this isn’t a prety sight in your rear view mirror, but it will sure let paparazzi know when their target is on the move.

Source: xbhp
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Italian company Benelli is yet to launch their 2ue 756 naked bike and conational Oberdan Bezzi has already imagined a flat-track ready version of the street-oriented bike and sees it competing in US flat track competitions. The Benelli 2 TechnoTracker would get the exact same engine as on the model still struggling towards production, meaning a 756cc parallel twin that is expected to deliver somewhere in between 90-100hp.

Engine performance aside, the aggressive design is most likely what determined Obiboi to get an early start with this one and his flat-track version looks ready to start its mud life, but Benelli would first have to sort things out with their own projects and then consider the design guru’s indeed cool racing concept bike. Never gonna happen? I say who knows…

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Jean François Vicente of Vicente Design has just come up with a rather interesting kick-started single-cylinder custom bike concept that he calls the EFI SR400 Board Tracker. This is definitely a case of “looks beat performance” as the designer concentrated on delivering a low and sleek bike that proposes a closer rider-motorcycle communion by bringing it all down to the bare necessities such as the two large wheels, a motor and a bar to hold on to.

The bike would be based on the Yamaha SR400 and SR500 and it may look vintage but it has its fair share of ingenious design features. For instance, the seat and gas tank are made of the same hydroformed titanium sheets and also act as a beam girder for the frame, the thing has a carbon girder fork and also a hydroformed underslung exhaust.

You may have a hard time spotting it, but this thing does have a hard tail frame, while the perimeter disk brakes are the modern touch the EFI SR400 Board Tracker needs in order to stand out as an overall nice blend of style and performance (not necessarily horsepower).

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Electric bike manufacturers such as Zero Motorcycles are just revving up on their ascendant market path and it order for them to achieve high standards, demands head towards highly experienced engineers with innovative ideas to make their green bikes stand out from all points of view.

What we’re talking about here is a happy case as Abe Askenazi, who worked as Vice President of Engineering for Buell in the last 14 years and who was free of contract after Harley-Davidson annihilated Buells from the production line, is now seeing his way towards Zero Motorcycles.

It is great to see the American company investing in know-how because this is the only way they’ll make it on the short and long run. Hit the jump to read the full press release.

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Suzuki introduced their all-new middleweight Gladius in 2009 and didn’t change it in any way for this year, but here comes a rendering showing a quite possible way to turn the funky Suzuki naked bike into a presence much strongly felt wherever ridden. The design was done by Oberdan Bezzi, Italy’s most renown motorcycle designer, and it aims towards a more aggressive look.

If we were daring, which we can become, we would say this concept could easily pass as a streetfighter, but as much as we look at it, we cannot erase the fairly dull image of the model currently being produced. That’s the sad part because with his sketch, Obiboi is trying to drift the Suzuki Gladius away from its original look and make it worthy of an “S” completing the name.

Although the designer doesn’t mention anything about a possible engine upgrade, we think this is a rather simple way of refreshing the Gladius look and increase figures on the sales charts in years to come.

Source: motosketches
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New kinds of motorcycles are born when different makers think at combining this and that to achieve what they believe the market asks for and when it comes to downhill riders, we usually don’t expect to hear an engine roar, but we’ve come to find that someone did thought at using the power from a 125cc four-stroke single on a light bike – 125.6 lbs (57 kg) – in order to get across high ground with greater ease. The bike is called FX Mountain Moto and it is the only engined downhill two-wheeler that we know about.

Light and nimble as a mountain bike and enough powerful to put it up against your everyday dirt bike, the FX Mountain Moto is a very successful combination coming from New Zeeland. In fact, this thing is claimed being the world’s lightest adult-sized dirt bike. Does that motivate you to pay $5,040 (€3,700) for it?

Source: motoblog

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