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The safety of motorcycle riders has always been a big concerned for the big manufacturers. But regardless of how advanced are the safety features of a motorcycle, everything is useless if the rider is falling off its bike and meets the tough tarmac.

This is why BMW Motorrad has decided to try an innovative solution to improve the safety of riders. Therefore, the German Manufacturer is co-developing a modern rider suit with Dainese. The big news however, is the fact that the suit will feature airbags that deploy in 15 miliseconds.

This technology will be used for a one-piece racing suit named the DoubleR RaceAir. The company says that this innovative technology will be also available to street rides pretty soon.

Currently the DoubleR RaceAir is under tests and BMW Motorrad hopes to reveal it at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan in November.

The safety suit won’t be the only product born from BMW Motorrad and Dainese cooperation as the two companies decided to stay together and develop more safety gear for riders.

Hit the jump for the press release and to see the DoubleR RaceAir suit in action.

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Many consider that electricity holds the key for the future of cars and motorcycles. And there is no wonder why, since the electric technologies offer a lot of advantages, the biggest one being that they are more efficient than any type of combustion engine.

The Frog eBike is one of the newest electric concepts and besides its efficiency is also fully recyclable. The concept was penned by Jin Soek Hwang and features a futuristic design language. Unfortunately we don’t have any engine specifications so we don’t know if the bike is as capable as its sporty design suggests.

Though, we know that the Frog eBike is equipped with monoshock suspension for the rear wheel and comes with a unique digital cluster. We also know that the electric motor is placed in the back tire while, the battery pack is placed beneath the chassis.

The Frog eBike Concept draws inspiration from the Yamaha FZ750 and has been displayed in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Ever since "Back to the Future" brought us the “hoverboard” by Mattel and the flying Delorean , we have been absolutely obsessed with hover technology. As of late, the hovering market has taken a bit of a back seat to alternative fuels, but it’s still alive and well. Now, Aerofex has posted a video displaying just how serious the hover industry still is.

In this video, you get to see an actual working model of a hover bike. The term “working” in this case mean that it hovers, moves, turns, and has the necessary yaw control to keep it all in check. By the looks of the video – and the lack of audio – we can tell that this “working” model is very far from ever being a production item.

The lacking audio is the most telling item that this hover bike is a long way off. We are willing to bet our last dollar that this thing sounds like your standing next to a twin-prop plane at take-off. If you’ve never had the joy of hearing that noise, we’ll just assure you that it is damn near deafening.

Regardless of its likely inefficient noise control, it is still awesome to see a hovering bike that actually flies in somewhat of a controlled manner without spinning wildly out of control. Now all they need to do is master manufacturing those cool metal pads on the bottom of the hover board that made it hover and make that awesome “whoop-whoop-whoop” sound.

Check out the video and maybe add your own “whoop-whoop-whoop” for the real futuristic effect... If you’re at work or within listening distance of anyone else, we strongly suggest avoiding the sound effects, though.

Source: Gizmag

Ever come upon a product that you can’t point your finger at as far as what its actual purpose is?

Here we have the Alomar Motorcycle Jacket-Backpack, a fashion accessory that converts from a protective and stylish jacket to a durable backpack and back into a jacket at the slightest of ease.

How exactly does all of this simple transformation work?

The Alomar is a jacket that’s made out of 600 Denier Polyester Nylon - the same material space ships are made from - and has been padded with dual Teflon shoulder and elbow pads. The water-resistant polyester, in particular, allows the Alomar to be used in a myriad of weather conditions. It also has adjustable drawstrings and a pocket that can be accessible through both the jacket and backpack orientation, providing enough space to stow anything from laptops, iPads, or any other flat item you’d want to carry.

Everything about the Alomar speaks to an innovation that’s both practical and useful for riders. We’re not quite sure about the weight - 4 lbs - but if you can carry that weight over your shoulder, plus the added weight from the items you’re carrying, then you have yourself a multi-purpose jacket that you can take with you anywhere you want to go.

Source: Fundable

The CR&S DUU has made its much anticipated debut. This handcrafted motorcycle will be sold in a limited edition beginning at the start of 2011 in two versions: a standard and a two-seater.

The DUU is powered by a 1,916cc X-Wedge engine developing over 95 HP and 140 Nm (103.3 lb.ft.) of torque from 2,500 to 4,700 rpm.

The frame is made by CR&S and comes with a large cross-section "backbone" tubular structure. The chassis and its handling performances are much more evolved than what can be thought. These parts have been engineered and designed to warrant a complete riding satisfaction on every kind of routes, even on fast bends or mountain’s narrow roads. The basic module of the bike can be modified to fit any driver while still maintaining the aesthetic and functional features of the bike.

The CR&S DUU will be priced at $25,900 for the standard version and $28,000 for the two-seater.

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What we like the most about the Duka electric motorcycle is the fact that although it retains the timeless lines of cruisers, it is actually conceptualized as an electric machine of the future. Obviously, it won’t sound mean, but the two compact and efficient DC motors are claimed to allow the Duka to ride freely on the highways and yet remain manageable around the city.

Featuring an inside-out aluminum frame structure based on structural I-beams, this should be a safe and durable cruiser with a low center of gravity and a forgiving riding position. Also, interchangeable components named “Pods” should ease maintenance and upgrades, but we would have to see at least a prototype before we start drooling.

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Those of you who have long been thinking at a new and interesting way to spend the summer might just be inspired by this picture. This guy removed his motorcycle’s engine and transmission so that it would lose most of the weight and added a pair of swimmers along with the massive tires just so that he would be able to spend the summer riding those waves.

We can only suppose that the thing is still capable to move on solid ground too in order to meet both requirements of an amphibious motorcycle.

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As hard as it may be to believe for those not directly involved, scooter riders love their small and buzzing machines, so because it “wouldn’t be the same without it,” designer Marc Graells Ballve has created the armadillo-inspired armor for scooters.

Called ‘Protect 486′ the system is easy to attach to the scooter’s bodywork and then be wrapped on top of it, protecting the thing from sun, rain and even thieves. Yes, it even has an alarm that goes off if anyone tries to go past the attractive looking orange protective shell.

There’s nothing wrong with the idea of protecting your ride and this actually looks like a practical concept despite the fact that it makes any two-wheeler look like the half of a pimp’s Cadillac.

Source: ohgizmo
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Bikers who reach the end of the road usually have no regrets, except the fact that they didn’t get the chance to ride some more. That’s where the motorcycle hearse intervenes. Designed and built by Mike Price from Auckland, New Zealand, this is probably the coolest way for a person who has dedicated an entire life to the road to set off to his/her resting place.

Price is actually an automotive engineer, so when the idea came to mind, he wanted to do this the right and official way, meaning he asked Harley-Davidson to take a look at his project. They wanted a lengthy contract, so Price decided that the motorcycle hearse would be created by him during his spare time. Said and done. He did use a 1,350 cc H-D V-twin motor and made sure the hearse would be able to carry up to 440 lbs in between the wheels, where the coffin sits.

Because the bike had to be much longer than any standard Harley, it is now ridden by two persons and it is much safer this way. Also, a system of complex system of hydraulics helps stabilize the bike and once at the destination, the rig slides out with only a push of a button. Hit the jump for the videos.

Source: autoblog
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As much as bikers would try to deny it, they also need a car from time to time and this is exactly the problem that a recent concept has come to solve. Belonging to designer Ram Ram esh Gound and inspired by India’s "buy one get one free" marketing strategy, this concept starts from the idea of having two separate motorcycles ridden by separate individuals, but who from time to time can shake hands and turn their machines into one…an exotic four-wheeler and hit the road together.

This is actually the designer’s final year Diploma project at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad India and it is sponsored by Renault Design India. The bikes are electric and feature drive-by-wire systems but, most importantly, they should be affordable pieces of ingenious Renault engineering if the French ever consider making it reality.

Two motorcycles that turn into your dream sports car!

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