Kawasaki KFX

Kawasaki KFX

For many families and their friends, riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) is both a passion and a social activity, so the Kawasaki KFX®50 is an excellent model for parents who want to introduce their children to this lifestyle while teaching them how to ride safely and responsibly

The KFX®400 is for serious sport riders who demand high-performance for the track, trails and dunes. And the KFX400 delivers, thanks to its high-tech, four-stroke engine, manual transmission, lightweight racing-type chassis and disc brakes.

As young riders grow taller and stronger, and outgrow their beloved KFX®50 all-terrain vehicle (ATV), the Kawasaki KFX80 is waiting in the wings to provide them with the fun and performance they want - and the safety features parents appreciate.

The KFX®700 all-terrain vehicle (ATV) continues to be popular with cross-country racers and off-roaders alike. That’s because Kawasaki bolted a powerful V-twin engine and automatic transmission into its racing-style chassis, making aggressive riding on the KFX700 fun and easy, from morning to sunset.

King of the hill
If looks could kill this machine would be locked up. The KFX700 is the Monster Truck of the Quad world. It looks like it could climb Everest with power to spare and out-gun all but the swiftest off-roader, four-wheel or two.

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