Kawasaki KX

Kawasaki KX

The 2007 Kawasaki KXâ„¢250 answers the call for those who love the smell of premix and the sound of a two-stroke’s wail. Featuring a powerful 249cc, liquid-cooled, two-stroke engine wrapped in a lightweight perimeter style frame, the KX250 offers explosive acceleration and maximum agility.

As riders outgrow the mini ranks, they sometimes find they’re not quite ready for a full-on Lites-class motorcycle. The Kawasaki KXâ„¢100 is squarely-aimed at that gap between the mini ranks and the pro classes.

Once young riders have prepared themselves for racing and developed the necessary riding skills to compete on real motocross tracks, they’ll need a motorcycle that can keep pace with their growing bodies and expanding capabilities. The Kawasaki KXâ„¢85 is an emerging racer’s dream. Powered by a liquid-cooled, two-stroke, single-cylinder 84cc engine that churns out an abundance of race-winning power, the KX85 is packed with high-tech features, such as an Electrofusion-coated cylinder with a narrow squish band and large volume combustion chamber to enhance top-end power.

Many of today’s Supercross champions began their careers riding youth-sized off-road motorcycles at Pee Wee tracks and recreational areas across the country. From Jeff Ward to James Stewart, every one of them daydreamed of loading up the truck with dad and heading out to ride.

There’s a point when a young rider’s physical growth and developing skill on the race track demands a motorcycle that can do more than keep up with their competitive nature - they need a bike that can power them to the front of the pack. The Kawasaki KXâ„¢85 provides that leading-edge of power and performance.

Young motocross racers stepping up from the mini ranks often find they’re not quite ready for a 125-class motorcycle. The Kawasaki KXâ„¢100 provides these riders with adult-sized performance in a chassis they can finesse on the fast track to victory.

Just two short years after it was introduced to American motocross racers, the championship-winning KXâ„¢250F motorcycle has been revamped - even though it already has five titles under its proverbial belt.
Numerous changes have been made to the potent KX250F. It produces significantly more power than the 2005 model it replaces, and like the new flagship KX450F, the KX250F sports an all-aluminum perimeter frame.

Several motocross magazines hailed the 2005 Kawasaki KXâ„¢250 as one of the best all-around two-stroke motocross bikes due to its sheer power, ideal handling and superb brakes. As one magazine said, "The 2005 KX250 is phenomenal!"

Kawasaki, the brand that introduced the motocross world to perimeter frames and awe-inspiring powerbands, has unveiled an all-new flagship in its leading-edge KXâ„¢ motorcycle line.
Every aspect of the 2006 KX450F, from its ultra-powerful four-stroke engine to the trick aluminum frame and suspension, reflects its purpose as a championship-winning race bike.

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