Kawasaki Z 750

Kawasaki Z 750

Kawasaki has unveiled the first official video for the new Z750R superbike. The new motorcycle is powered by a 748cc engine that delivers 106 HP. It comes with new brakes and exhaust system, an improved chassis with fully adjustable front forks, revised rear shock on a new aluminum swing arm, radial front brakes with braded lines and ABS as an option.

It will be offered in two limited edition colors: Candy Lime Green and Flat Ebony. If you want to see it in all its glory, you will have a chance at the 2010 EICMA show in Milan.

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Unique ideas keep custom motorcycle builders such as Copenhagen-based Wrenchmokees apart from the crowd and while the company has tricked out Kawasakis Z 750 B before, they haven’t done a better job than this one right here. And the best part about it is that they only needed to put their signature on that rusted fuel tank and initiate a new approach towards corrosion, somehow make it fashionable.

It may sound crazy, especially because this is not a rat bike, but we cannot say it is ugly. The WM customization process mainly consists in rebuilding a bike’s old engine, painting it in heat resistant paint, changing the exhaust and bringing in performance air filters, while the chassis is modified for a sportier look and different parts made in-house are added.

Kawasaki Z 750 B by WrenchMonkees makes rust fashionable

The bike gets all that, but the one and only part that caught our attention is that rusted gas tank. For instance, they also offer a candy metal flake version, which we cannot like as much. Oh, by the way, rusted parts make any motorcycle a “work in progress,” so let’s hope the owner will still have a tank to put gas in after several years.

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It seems the Kawasaki Z 750 B is a great bike to work on for Copenhagen-based custom builder WrenchMonkees as this is not the first time we write about their creations based on this particular Japanese bike. In this case, they choose bobber-like wheels as a first step in turning classic into custom while the unique rear frame and seat leave the unmistakable WM signature.

The original engine was kept, but it is now restored and covered in black heat resistant paint. It develops approximately 50 hp and breaths through K&N filters and WM megatron mufflers, this time not covered in exhaust heat wrap.

Clearly, style beats performance on this custom motorcycle and the final touch is given by the in-house rear fender and clean custom paint. Those small head and tail lights are supposed to make the wheels look even fatter and the thing is that this is one of those bikes that you rediscover each and every time you look at it. Specs are attached after the break.

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The WrenchMonkees team gave a unique touch to this late 1970s Kawasaki Z 750 B not just by rebuilding the engine and adding their very own megatron mufflers, but by turning classic into custom using what we begin to consider the WM routine. This implies a new rearframe and fender which help at giving each of their bikes a unique look, while the aluminum battery box helps at meeting the customer’s requirements.

Good looks are part of just a point met on the Copenhagen-based builder’s check list. Because comfort is another one, this bike gets WM seat, footpegs and also handlebar and grips. The riding position looks quite natural and the bike is overall exclusive in its simplicity. You won’t find any wires hanging on for dear life on their way to the WM headlight and taillight and we have to appreciate that, just as we cannot complain about the WM heat resistant custom paint. This, together with the 19-inch cast alloy wheels, makes a Kawasaki Z750 B look like something that Brad Pitt would ride.

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This is the Kawasaki Z750 Redluxe, the latest creation of the French company Ad Koncept which specializes in motorcycle tuning. The Z750 was the best selling 2008 bike in France and also the subject of many transformations by tuning companies.

The Ad Koncept portofolio alone features three different Z750 models, but the Redluxe streetfighter is by far the greatest yet. This features a unique look and comes with an impressive list of aftermarket components: Rizoma signal lights, mirrors, handlebars and grab rails, Kawasaki ZX-6R brake components and forks, Motax carbon side covers, monopost top, rear fender and radiator grill as well as SC Project carbon exhaust silencer and bugspoiler.

In the characteristic style, the French have gone for an attractive two-tone paintjob – Red with Black in this case – and the price isn’t that scary either. The Redluxe starts at 10.809 € which translates in $13,723.

For more information (if you’re good with French) go to the Ad Koncept website.

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Kawasaki stands for green, just like Yamaha does for blue, Honda for red and Suzuki mostly for yellow, but that isn’t enough for Mother Nature and the stricter CO2 emission norms in Europe are showing Kawasaki the way to green engines as well. So Kawasaki developed what they like to call their ‘ECO2Logic’ technology and which is destined to those less than 100bhp bikes. Supposedly, the fuel-injection and exhaust systems will be tricked out in order to minimize emissions. The 2009 Kawasaki Z750 is the first bike in Kawasaki Europe’s lineup to turn greener.

The new technology blends perfectly in with the Kawasaki brand and if it turns out to be as effective as Kawasaki people expect, bigger and more powerful models will be fitted with it. Will the Z1000 be the leading figure then? We shall wait and see.

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One of the most beloved naked bikes out there can now reflect its capabilities throughout this new video. Even though the Kawasaki Z 750 is a veritable roadster, many of you surely love it because of its stunt-loving character (I know I certainly do!).

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Exan proposes for the 2007 Kawasaki Z 750, the complete series of a line called "Carbon Cap". The noises suppressors with final bottom in carbon have a very aggressive look which improves the general appearance of the bike.

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