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limited edition

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Because no Yamaha R1 fan is stranger to MotoGP, Yamaha Motor France offers, with the occasion of the Grand Prix of France (15-17 May), four limited edition replicas of the bikes raced by Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo.

Featuring nothing special apart from the racing paintjobs and a corresponsive free replica helmet, the bikes come with a price of 19,990 euros which translates into US$26,600.

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A Ducati dealer in France was inspired by the Australian World Superbike Championship to create a limited edition Monster Bayliss Replica. Apart from the special paintjob, features such as the Termignoni carbon silencers and the multitude of carbon fiber units are there to enhance the racy look of the still naked bike. The price rises to as much as 15,900 euros or $20,600 because exclusivity always comes at a high price.

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The 1098R Puma Edition is the result of Ducati winning the 2008 Superbike World Championship and renewing their successful partnership with Puma. Built only for Japan in a limited number of ten units, the motorcycles distinguish with a white Puma logo on the side fairing and a special number stamped on the upper stem of the fork. This gets the price up to as much as 35,000 euros and pretty much excludes the regular Ducati buyer from the target public. But because these things were most likely immediately sold back in December when released, the only thing for us remaining to do is signal the existence of this model and eventually outrage by how a few grams of paint and a small stamped plate can have that much of an influence on the price.

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GP Motorsports builds motorcycle replicas with such accuracy that even the original designers would have troubles spotting the difference if there wasn’t for some minor details included willfully. Take this M1-replica that they’ve built out of a 2008 Yamaha R1 for example. The only details that set it apart from the original thing are the “R1” logo on the fairing and filler panels below the tank.

There isn’t much left of the original bike. In fact they only needed R1’s frame on which they started to add unique components such as the forks which have been taking straight off Carlos Checa’s 2003 GP bike. There is an Öhlins TTX shock and an R7 triple clamp, just to start your interest. Racefit have crafted the custom exhaust and Dymags provided the 16.5" carbon rims.

Featuring Superbike-spec, this replica costs approximately $65,000, but if customers can live without the racing engine and TTX suspensions, the price will be dramatically reduced to around $17,000 and you’ll get the same reaction from people with enormously less costs.

The pictures speak for themselves…literally!

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British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph upgrades their Speed Triple 1050 with a multitude of carbon fiber pieces and calls it a limited edition model. This exclusive naked motorcycle relies on the very same 1050cc inline-triple engine powering the standard Speed Triple with its 130 bhp while the Brembo brakes and Showa suspensions are also there.

The Speed Triple Carbon limited edition model additions are purely cosmetic so the only color matching the carbon fiber flyscreen, cowl, infill panels, heat shield and front fender was matt black. The handlebars have also been black painted and the mirrors were anodized.

Only 55 such bikes are available for the price of $11,800 so contacting your local dealer now would be an inspired move if you’re caught up by this unique model.

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Honda’s smallest motocrossers are now 2009 model years and they features goodies taken straight off their bigger siblings, just like we got used to. Both the award-winning CRF150R and big-wheel Expert models rely on their Unicam engine’s performance and light, versatile chassis in order to beat the competition. So let’s see what they’re up to.

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Ducati North America has announced that additional units of the Desmosedici RR MotoGP replica will be produced and addressed to the market in cause.

Ducati NA announces additional units of the Desmosedici RR MotoGP replica

So few lucky riders who remained with a bitter taste in their mouths after closing out of the ordering process now have the opportunity to get their hands on one of those pre-sold units which meanwhile became again available.

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Yamaha has just launched the Team Replica of the new YZ 450F, a notorious MX1 motorcycle in which’s seat David Philippaerts won the World Championship only a month ago.

This limited edition celebration model is destined to European motocross fans looking for a new kind of experience on a dirt bike. In order for their requirements to be accomplished, Yamaha Monster Motocross Team has teamed up with Yamaha Racing, the new model ending up featuring upgraded frame and motor compared to the simple version of this bike.

There are also many carbon fiber pieces which reduce the overall weight and also give a clue on this bike’s performance capabilities. The Kawasaki-like graphics stand as a reminder of actual race version and make the 2009 Yamaha YZF 450F Team Replica even more special.

Yamaha plans on making only 100 such bikes for the European market, something that makes them even more craved for.

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Looking for that perfect Christmas presents (for yourself, of course) can always turn out a little tricky, especially if you’re a demanding and ostentatious kind of person. But, if you dig deep enough and get to the Neiman Marcus Christmas book, you have all the changes to declare yourself satisfied. There, you will find that the Confederate Fighter motorcycle was produced in a limited number of 45 exemplars and, after you get out of trance, start wondering about its outrageous features.

A good thing to start with is the 1966cc 45-degree radial twin engine that is clamed to be capable of powering the bike up to 190mph. The chassis is a titanium backbone unit and it connects directly to the front and rear billet aluminum bulkheads in order to withstand at that kind of speeds.

The Confederate Fighter is also fitted with a girder-style front suspension made up of titanium as well as aluminum and carbon fiber bits. Wheelbase is 64" and seat height 27" so you’re in for low riding…that is if you can afford paying $110,000 on a motorcycle. Or better yet, if you are the kind of guy that actually invests that kind of money in its image as a whole bunch of much cheaper motorcycles can reach that kind of speeds. But they don’t make you look like a robot so what the heck.

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Suzuki Great Britain announces GSX-R1000 Cameron Donald and GSX-R600 Bruce Anstey replicas as celebration of the Suzuki Relentless by TAS team victories in the Superbike, Superstock and Supersport categories.

The special edition motorcycles are production-based and, certainly, a dream came true for fans of motorcycle racing. They feature the team’s coloring and graphics and exert a magical attraction even from the pictures.

George Cheesman, marketing manager of Suzuki GB referring to this subject, "The Relentless by TAS team achieved incredible success at this year’s TT, almost delivering a clean sweep of wins. To celebrate this, we are pleased to offer these special edition models via the authorised dealer network in the team livery, with celebratory graphics in addition too."

Retail price for the GSX-R1000 Donald replica is £9,170 while for the GSX-R600 Anstey replica is £7,403.

Manufacturers that are successful on the track often apply this strategy in order to get more money on virtually the same product and for customer paid commercial. But as you take a look at the bikes you understand why each and every time fans compete for these bikes and then compete on them.

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