Marotti motorcycles

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Polish vehicle manufacturer Marotti has created a rather unique reverse-trike that is claimed to be "as dynamic as a motorcycle and, at the same time, as safe and easy to drive as a car." While the engine powering it was easy to procure from a Honda VFR750, the design sure gave a few headaches. Built as a fighter jet to hit the streets, this Marotti creation is, obviously, inspired from the aeronautic industry.

Given the 100 horsepower developed by the 750cc V-four engine and the only 970-pounds weight, the machine does quality as a blast, at least on paper. If you’re willing to see the facts, hit the jump and check out the no less than four videos that we’ve attached. Guess what? They all prove that this Marotti is built for pure fast launches, which translate in burnouts when space is limited.

Source: autoblog

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