Moto-Guzzi Breva

Moto-Guzzi Breva

Posted on by Sulthoni

Moto Guzzi had to deal with a lot of financial problems and for a pretty long period of time its uture was uncertain. Luckily the Italy’s oldest motorcycle-maker managed to stay alive and continues to built motorcycles.

However, due to its difficulties the company was starting to lose our confidence in its products as most of them were starting to show their age and were unable to compete against their modern rivals. Fortunately the new Breva V1100 proves us that the company is still able to built a capable and modern V-twin motorcycle. Moto Guzzi’s new Breva combines with success a traditional layout and character with style, comfort and performance to create the factory’s best and most advanced roadster.

The Guzzi Breva is powered by the latest generation 90° V twin engine which delivers smooth power thanks to its modern electronic injection system.

A far as design goes, the new Breva 1100 sports oval front and LED rear lights. You also get a robust 45 mm fork and an adjustable rear monoshock.

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Posted on by Maxx Biker

With the 2009 Breva 1200 Sport, Moto Guzzi shows that its 85 years of heritage are still going strong today as this sporty approach towards such a demanding and yet risky segment manages to situate the bike among the best Italian nakeds that money can buy. Powered by the 90-degree twin cylinder 1200 and painted like Moto Guzzi competition models, it is also one of the best achievements in the maker’s model range and we’re on it to find out more.

Posted on by Maxx Biker

Moto Guzzi proves having what it takes in order to build a top notch all-rounder that stands out as one true representative of the Italian style and the maker’s specific and strict building criteria. Technically advanced, comfortable, easy to handle and very good looking, the Breva 1100 doesn’t miss its chance to go up against the best in this class.

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