Oil is slippery; that much we know. And while its pretty dangerous to be riding motorcycles on a patch of road that’s been spilled with oil, the danger becomes much more magnified when you’re in a pretty intense motorcycle race, as was the case during a recent Moto2 race at Jerez.

The incident started when two racers - Shoya Tomizawa and Simone Corsi - got tangled up with both riders losing control of their motorcycles, which spilled a pretty significant amount of crankcase oil onto the track. The resulting spill caused a number of riders behind the two to ride straight into the patch of oil where, naturally, they all ended up sliding helplessly as well.

If there was any good that came out of this domino-like slip and slide, it’s that everybody came out of it relatively unscathed with the Moto2 marshalls also doing the prudent thing by red-flagging the entire race, which, incidentally, still had 25 laps to go.

Check out the video of the incident courtesy of the Daily Motion.

Source: Daily Motion
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Spanish actor Antonio Banderas officially presented yesterday in Madrid his Moto2 team called Jack&Jones by Antonio Banderas, which will compete in the Moto2 World Championship.

The 49-year-old Hollywood star is no stranger to motorcycles as he bought his first motorcycle more than 30 years ago and can now brag about a decent collection involving all types of motorcycles from touring to dirt ones.

Banderas about his passion for motorcycles and racing: “I am a motorcycle lover, and I’ve been a big fan in recent years. This gave me the opportunity to compete on the inside and I didn’t have to think about it!”

For the 2010 World Championship, which will debut this weekend in Qatar, Banderas hired riders Kenny Noyes and Joan Olivé and says: “I want to be involved with the team where the riders, both Joan and Kenny, have everything they need to compete at the highest level.”

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Designer Pablo de Chaves has recently published online his latest creation which he calls 599 Blue Label. The racing bike is designed for the new Moto2 series after de Chaves worked for Bottpower’s Moto2 bike and, like all Moto2 bikes, will be powered by a 600cc 4-stroke engine. A highly refined chassis is claimed to make all the difference while the aerodynamic fairing reduces drag to a minimum and offers a lot of room for racing numbers and sponsor decals.

The 599BL looks like a fast way to go around the racing track, so let’s just hope someone decides it should actually do that.

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After almost 10 years away from racing, Bimota has turned plans into facts and came up with the Moto2 racer. This follows last February’s announcement that they’ll be joining Moto2 series as a racing team or at least as a chassis designer. The thing is that we are weeks away from the racing bike’s official unveiling and yet we have the opportunity to see the thing being tested on the Binetto race track near Bari, Italy in this leaked video that came to clear things for us. Goooo Bimooootaaa!

Source: motoblog

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