Moto Morini 9 1/2

Moto Morini 9 1/2

If a bike’s name is the sole purpose buyers make a purchase, then the Moto Morini 9 1/2 will cast curious looks from a lot of people. Derived from the legendary 3 ½ twin cylinder of the 1970s, the Moto Morini 9 ½ carries a name that belies all the outstanding qualities it offers. From the style to the design and all the way up to its technological innovation, the Morini 9 1/2 is a true ode to the spirit of that Morini machine.

When we look at the features on the Moto Morini 9 ½, it will be easy to be impressed. The first indication of the bike’s tremendous appeal is the power it gets from its 1187 cc Bialbero CorsaCorta twin-cylinder engine that develops an impressive 105 horsepower at 8000 rpm. The layout of the engine is compact, making for a sturdy and impressive ride.

Handling is also a big component to the entire 9 1/2 package. The rational approach to the technical solutions and the efficiency to which it handles comes as a result of the tremendous engineering done on the bike’s overall DNA.

All told, the Moto Morini 9 ½ combines a classic, reassuring style with the performance of a powerful and excellent motorcycle.

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The name 9 1/2 is an homage to the legendary 3 1/2 twin cylinder of the 1970s. However, it is also acknowledgement of a common thread running between two projects separated in time. The 9 1/2 in fact is the motorcycle whose style, rational design and technological innovation most closely interpret the spirit of that Morini machine. The easy handling, the rational approach to the technical solutions and their efficiency as a result are features that both motorcycles share and that are undeniably a part of Moto Morini’s DNA.

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