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The MotoCzysz E1pc has been finalized, photographed and it is now ready for the TTXGP electric motorcycle race at Isle of Man. The pictures reveal the fact that only 6 of the 10 battery packs are exposed (3 on each side) and that the bike uses an iPhone for a dash.

The final step of the building process leaves us with an opened mouth and the Brammo TTR with shaking wheels. Also referred to as the D1gi1al Superbike, this is one electric bike that the world of racing has long expected, the journalists speculated about and which only needs to get on the track in order to prove that it means business. June 12th 2009 will be the day of truth!

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The MotoCzysz E1pc has recently been spied during tests undergone at Portland International Raceway, USA. With zero emissions and achieving 120 mph in around seven seconds, the bike, which is powered by three electric motors and runs all of them in the following videos, will race in the world’s first emission-free road race, the TTXGP, which is scheduled to take place on June 12 at the Isle of Man.

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Former pilot Michael Czysz, the inventor of the revolutionary MotoCzysz C1 prototype is now working at an entirely new motorcycle, this time electrically powered. Called MotoCzysz E1pc, the bike is an advanced project in work and will be present at the starting line of the TTXGP competition on 12 June this year.

The competition is exclusively addressed to alternative propulsion technologies and the current most important contender of the E1pc is the outstanding Mission One , but Michael Czysz claims that his bike will be clearly superior and, most importantly, significantly less expensive.

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