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motorcycle helmet

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About a decade ago, modular helmets came on the scene. They offered the benefits of making it easier for those who wear eyeglasses to put the helmet on, and to raise the front part of the helmet to get a little air at stop lights or gas stops and talk to your riding buddies.

The drawback was that the helmets were not designed to be ridden with the chinbar up. They rested on top of the helmet, and created so much aerodynamic drag that it would try to yank the helmet off your head at speeds above 25 miles per hour.

Then in 2009 Shark Helmets came out with a game changing helmet - the Evoline. When I say “game changing”, think about the first laptop computer, or the first tablet device, iPod, iPhone, or even the first package of sliced bread. The Evoline was the first modular helmet – and still the only one I’ve ever seen – that is designed to swing the chinbar assembly all the way back to rest behind the back of the helmet. That puts it out of the wind blast so the helmet is aerodynamic enough to ride at speed in total comfort. And the rider can still lower the face shield and the tinted “jet fighter” sun shade independently.

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When it comes to motorcycle helmets, Reevu is one of the most innovative manufacturers. The company is known for its famous, high tech helmets with built-in rear viewers and now has an even bigger surprise for us.

Its new product is a modern helmet with an integrated head-up display that looks like a piece of gear borrowed from a sci-fi movie.

The digital display is integrated into the top of the visor and keeps you posted on vital stats such as engine RPMs, speed, sat-nav directions or sector split times and lap times.

Unfortunately the company didn’t’ reveal too many information about its futuristic helmet, but it seems to be using a technology called the “multiple reflective optical system” that won’t disturb the rider’s eyes in any way.

The solution found by Reevu is welcomed, as one of the most common causes of accidents is that the riders didn’t look where they were going. That lapse of attention created by the moment when one wants to check his speed or tachometer could transform into a disaster.

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The guys from Bell Helmets have finally revealed their new Rogue helmet aimed at the cruiser riders. Like any standard helmet the new Rogue was built to guard against the elements. However, what makes it so special is the fact that it has the looks of a half helmet with the comfort of a 3/4. Technically it is a half helmet paired with an adjustable and removable muzzle.

Due to its unique design, the helmet is definitely not for everyone, but we’ll have to admit that it looks quite cool. The new Rogue is made of a lightweight composite shell with an “ultra-comfortable interior”, magnetic locks and integrated speaker pockets.

The new Bell Rogue is priced at $ 249.95, is available in 3 shell sizes and comes with a five year warranty. The available colors include Gunny, Black, Army Green and Matte Black.

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Anybody that has ever questioned the importance of racing helmets should take a step back and watch this video.

The scene is the British Superstock 600, where riders Josh Wainwright and Johnny Bradshaw were involved in a ridiculous crash that could’ve been far worse than the injuries they sustained - if it weren’t for their helmets.

In the 11th lap of the race, Wainwright lost control of his bike and as he stumbled into the track, Bradshaw’s bike literally clips him on the head, forcing the former to catapult out of his ride and into the track.

Read that again: Bradshaw’s bike literally clips him on the head.

If it weren’t for the helmet Wainwright was wearing, Bradshaw’s bike would have done far worse when it clipped him on his head. We all know where this story would then go.

Miraculously for the two riders, both of them escaped the harrowing accident with nothing more than a cracked rib and a broken collarbone for Wainwright and some minor injuries for Bradshaw.

If you’ve ever ridden a bike, or anything that involves needing one, heed caution and just put those helmets on. You never know when it’s going to save your life.

Source: You Tube

In an ironic twist of fate, Philip A. Contos, 55, has tragically died after being involved in a motorcycle accident while not wearing a helmet. The ironic part is that Contos was actually participating in a ride hosted by ABATE (American Bikers Aimed Towards Education) that protested the helmet law. During the ride, Contos lost control of his cycle and hit his head on the pavement. He was taken to a local hospital before being pronounced dead. Police said that if he was wearing a helmet, the incident wouldn’t have been fatal.

Every year around 50,000 people are injured in motorcycle collisions and accidents in the United States. The most deadly injuries are head and chest injuries. These staggering statistics may persuade some to want to wear a helmet, but others feel it should be the biker’s decision whether or not to wear protective gear. The law disagrees. Bottomline: It’s better to be safe than sorry.

What do you guys think? Is Big Brother trying to control our freedom of choice or are they just looking out for the general population? Hit us up in the comments section below.

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They say that an image stands for 1000 words and that is good because for this bike safety initiative and commercial Shoei Motorcycle Helmets have two. The print ads are made in Brazil by the Rai Ad agency and are as suggestive as they could be.

Starting from the motto “Valuable Is You,” they have replaced the biker’s head with decorative items such as a clock and a vase. Imagine that your unprotected head is as breakable as that even in a slow speed crash.

Shoei knows their motorcycle helmets aren’t cheap, so they are sending a fair message to spend your money on the safety items that make the difference during a motorcycle crash.

Safety ad: “Valuable Is You” by Shoei

When it comes to riding motorcycles, safety is always an issue of paramount importance. Unlike cars that have an enclosed body, motorcycles don’t have that luxury so, in the event that you crash - or spill out of control - well, let’s just say that you’re on your own.

Helmet maker, Reevu, may finally have the technology to give bikers the helmet of the future thanks to the development of the MSX1, a revolutionary helmet that comes with a rearview mirror. Similar to how a rearview mirror in the car works, the MSX1 has a mirror located right above a rider’s line of sight. It works as an adjustable tunnel mirror that has a little collapsed periscope on the back of the helmet that allows riders to see exactly what’s happening behind them.

It may not go in the way of completely preventing motorcycle accidents from occurring - that would take complete abstinence - but it does go a long way in improving road awareness among riders out there on the streets.

Check out WebBikeWorld’s review of the product after the jump.

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The Japanese helmet manufacturer Marushin has recently presented the 2010 edition of their calendar, which features Italian model Barbara Cipolloni in foreground.

Like in the case of the previous edition, the pictures are signed by Italian photographer Luca Bracali. The calendar is available on the Marushin website in PDF format.

The Italian division of the Japanese brand has also published the 2010 Marushin Catalog (also in PDF), which presents closely the entire collection of protection helmets composed of 16 models.

Marushin helmets stand out thanks to original graphics, but also for being declared safe by the British Sharp program.

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Bulgarian designer Krasimir Emilov Aseno has come up with a different kind of helmet. His concept is supposed to comfortably accommodate the rider inside and be handled by joystick. Power will come from several electric motors fed both by an accumulator battery and by a solar energy system which collects outside power thanks to a folio of solar sensitive cells. Ingenious, huh?

The best part about this concept is that it doesn’t roll you over as it goes down the street, but has what the designer calls a “speed track system” consisting in many treads covered in elastic, flexible, and strong material in order to make movement possible. Also, driving-belts can be used.

The joystick handling system is a gyroscopic one that determines the vehicle to bend left or right depending on the direction indicated by the rider.

Needing to be strong and yet very light, the Rollersphere will be made out of materials such as carbon or titanium and it will even have shock absorbers as it is designed for huge jumps too. Sounds crazy to me!

Is this supposed to turn into the world’s safest ride if it’s ever made?

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Brain swelling is the immediate effect of head injury and it is a proved fact that the stopping of this effect can make the difference between life and death because of the pressure that the brain has to subdue when it meets the skull. This is precisely what paramedics are trying to prevent when applying a cold pack on the head of accident victims. So hearing about ThermaHelm having created the Brain Cooling Helmet, we started digging deeper into this potential life saving idea, only to find that the prototype stage is now completed and it should see production.

ThermaHelm’s Cooling Helmet works by storing separately gel or water and ammonium nitrate in a slim plastic packet positioned in the lining. During a serious crash, tiny spikes pierce through the separate compartments, causing the ammonium nitrate to mix with the gel or water, triggering an endothermic reaction that cools the brain, dramatically reducing the effects of the crash. Furthermore, it features an LED indicator that warns premature activation, small cameras that are able to record those crucial 60 seconds before a motorcycle crash, integrated Bluetooth headphones and fog-free visors. In other words, it brings helmets into the 21st century.

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