1976 Honda CB550 café racer up for sale

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If you’re looking to buy a nice café racer to ride the summer on, we just came across one that is worth taking a look at. It originally started as a 1976 Honda CB550 which seems to have ended up in the right hands and after being fitted with parts such as the café seat, clubman drop bars with mini chrome gauges and 4 into 1 MAC exhaust, it is now worthy of the Honda CB550 café racer designation.

The owner claims “the bike only has 8604 miles on it so the engine is rock solid” and the only thing it needs is a new paintjob. How’s that for a way to make it suit your taste?

Considering the $2,900 asking price, this café racer looks to us like the find of the day. Hit the jump for the entire list of changes.

1976 Honda CB550 café racer up for sale


List of upgrades:

Dyna-S Electronic ignition

4 into 1 MAC exhaust

Cafe seat from benjiescaferacer.com

Stainless steel brake hoses

Nissin master cylinder off a 2008 Honda CBR600RR

Uni pods

Re-jetted mains

Clubman drop bars

Aluminum Bar clamps from Carpy

Mini chrome gauges

LED turn signals

Motion Pro throttle assembly

Carbs synced with Morgan Carbtune

CRG bar end mirror

New EBC brake pads

Stainless Steel Screws

1976 Honda CB550 café racer up for sale
1976 Honda CB550 café racer up for sale


I’m interested in your Hoda 550 Cafe racer, is it still for sale and where is it located? Thanks Ray

nope, the bike is now sold.

is this bike still forsale?????

The price is good and it looks great.smiley

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