2007 Aprilia Tuono Factory is now available on dealer floors

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The only Naked born directly from modern Superbike lineage continues thetradition of stunning performance, mind-boggling features andcomponents.

The heart of the Tuono is the 139 Horsepower V990 Magnesium engine.Exactly the same as the top-shelf RSVR Factory in specification, theTuono does not hide its horsepower or intentions to be the most excitingmachine on the market. Features such as the PPC slipper clutch, matedwith the CAN-Line electronic systems, and updated fuel injection offerprecise levels of control on acceleration and deceleration. Never beforehas the excitement of a big V-Twin Superbike been so easy to control inevery situation.

Wrapped around the Superbike powerplant is an equally impressivechassis. The Tuono chassis combines the ideal balance of rigidity andcompliance to create a vehicle that can take on any road, and any racetrack. Expert use of materials and technology allow for the lightestpossible configuration, with additional benefits in mechanical soundresonance, allowing for a more free exhaust system. Complimenting theframe is the robust swingarm of similar materials. Featuring an archeddesign to facilitate more ground clearance, the Tuono swingarm boastsroom for the latest 190 section performance rubber.

Mated to this superior base, are the best suspension and brakingcomponents available. Ohlins technology graces both the front and backof the machine - relaying exact road conditions, a smooth controlledride and a level of confidence like no other. Tuono-specific damping andspring rates widen the machines ability to tour, commute or attend trackdays, without any compromise. Slowing the machine is of course ascritical as acceleration, thus only Brembo components including theradial brakes and 320mm rotors are trusted with this job. The feel ofthe entire braking system is fed through adjustable levers, creating aperfect interface between rider and machine.

The quality of the components continues in the latest generation offorged OZ aluminum wheels that are standard on the Tuono Factory. Thesewheels not only look the part, their design results in less weight andhigher lateral rigidity for faster turning, quicker acceleration andallowing the Ohlins suspension to do its work more effectively.

The Tuono Factory features the lions head graphic made famous on racetracks around the world. The striking colors and additionaltechnical features such as carbon-fiber fenders, lap-counter, adjustableshift light, smooth turn signal treatment and unmistakable headlight andfront cowl, put the Tuono Factory at the top of its class.

2007 Aprilia Tuono Factory is now available on dealer floors

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