2008 Kawasaki Concours 14

The 2008 Kawasaki Concours 14 is based on the ZX-14 and its monocoque chassis. It is powered by a 1352 cc engine and will feature the 6-speed transmission of the new C14. The C14 utilizes an all-new Tetra-Lever Shaft drive featuring a four-link design, which is claimed to offer the same ride quality associated with a chain drive. The new Concours sports an entire host of high-end components, including choice state-of-the-art goodies that will make any technophile giddy.

Expect pricing to fall somewhere between the $13,500 FJR1300 and the $18,000 K1200GT.


I had a Concours before & enjoyed it but I often found myself looking @ the other tourers due to the modern looks & upgrades. Now they have the newest & meanest sport tourer I have seen in a long time. Based on what information is available it sounds like its going to be King of the hill soon. The muffler doen’t add anything in looks but aftermarket will cure that.

kawasaki should re-designed the exhaust system think twins

These concours are the next best thing...I wonder if they will still need heli bars because I’m short and like to sit more upright, I currently have a 06 vulcan 1500 anniversary and love it, but if the new concour is what they say it is and the price is right, I’ll be owning one real soon.

This looks to be a real competitor in this market segment. The smart move by Kawasaki is putting that big powerful motor into that skin. It has all the "must haves" sport touring riders want, need and expect. I wonder what kind of service intervals are we looking at?

Yeah, once they get rid of that fugly exhaust can. Kawasaki has been making great bikes for a long time.
I’m guessing they’ll be going after the FJR and ST13 market and it will be priced in the $13-15K range.

It’s about time someone combined the performance hardware and riding envelope of a GT Superbike with sport-touring amenities. If the stat sheet is even half truth this machine will provide an unequallled sport touring experience. Let’s hope the ZX-14 motor translates into a full strength vintage. I have owned and ST1300 and currently ride an ’06 FJR 1300. It will be on the trading block as soon as this new Kawi is available. My deposit is already in the local dealer’s hands. I am now excited to join the Concours owners group! Honda, Yamaha Suzuki, Triumph...any response out there?

I wouldn’t expect the price to make that much difference to most prospective ST buyers, since the class price range is $13k to $18k as mentioned in the article.
Even most Concours owners realize they’ve been getting the motorcycle "steal of the year" for 20 some years.
I think the GTR1400 will steal more looks from Yamaha FJR buyers than from ST1300 or K1200GT shoppers.

I think this is an awesome bike, which can compete with Honda ST 1300 and BMW. It offers many features that Concours didn’t offer previously. On the down side, there will be a high price to paid compared to the classic Concours. It will price some seekers out of the market. I recently bought a new 2006 Concours for $7,700. I would not have been able to buy the new Concours 14. If a person had a choice between the Concours 14, BMW and Honda ST 1300, would they choose Kawasaki?

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