2008 Yamaha V-max patents revealed

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We already new that Yamaha is developing a new generation of " The King" and this schethes give us the oportunity to make a pretty good ideea of what we’ll be seeing.

The all-new 2008 V-max announces its arrival later this year and with these line drawings “somebody” is going to became even more anxious. 

The patent drawings, taken from several patent applications regarding different aspects of the bike, show how Yamaha is adapting the exhaust of its 2005 concept bike straight for the assembly lines.

The 2008 V-max will feature1800cc V-four engine and show the design for the next generation of V-Boost air intakes. It also reveals the variable valve-timing of the recently developed engine.

When muscle enters the scene everybody knows that “bigger is better” and with this new generation of the V-max, Yamaha sure proves it made its pushups.

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