2009 BMW S 1000 RR Photo Session with Gorgeous Model and Cheetah

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The guys at Solo Moto have recently presented a strange photo session of the BMW S 1000 RR in which cheetah were “mastered” by a beautiful model right next to the bike. Wait, does this mean that the BMW will be the fastest superbike out there, just as the cheetah is the fastest cat out there?

Source: masmoto


The Model is cute and you gotta like that outfit she wearing on the video.smiley

if you’re bike rocks, you rent out a race track and invite the world’s press to flog the *** out of it.

if your bike’s crap, you get a cheetah and uber-hot model and put them with it in a private studio.

can you say "overcompensating"?

nice model shes hot

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