2009 Limited-Edition Confederate Fighter

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Looking for that perfect Christmas presents (for yourself, of course) can always turn out a little tricky, especially if you’re a demanding and ostentatious kind of person. But, if you dig deep enough and get to the Neiman Marcus Christmas book, you have all the changes to declare yourself satisfied. There, you will find that the Confederate Fighter motorcycle was produced in a limited number of 45 exemplars and, after you get out of trance, start wondering about its outrageous features.

A good thing to start with is the 1966cc 45-degree radial twin engine that is clamed to be capable of powering the bike up to 190mph. The chassis is a titanium backbone unit and it connects directly to the front and rear billet aluminum bulkheads in order to withstand at that kind of speeds.

The Confederate Fighter is also fitted with a girder-style front suspension made up of titanium as well as aluminum and carbon fiber bits. Wheelbase is 64" and seat height 27" so you’re in for low riding…that is if you can afford paying $110,000 on a motorcycle. Or better yet, if you are the kind of guy that actually invests that kind of money in its image as a whole bunch of much cheaper motorcycles can reach that kind of speeds. But they don’t make you look like a robot so what the heck.

Source: autoblog

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