2010 Honda VFR1200T rendering

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Next year, Honda plans to release the VFR1200T not only as the Pan European replacement, but as the world’s most technologically-advanced motorcycle too. Because such a project is only undergone if the initial feedback is positive, the company has leaked the future bike’s sketches in an attempt to get an early start with the process. The friends from MCN were there to land a helping hand and now they speculate regarding the possible color schemes that the new VFR might receive.

The bike looks absolutely amazing regardless of the color schemes, but these do help in forming a better opinion of what Honda will create and so encourage people to mention what they think about what they see. So, what do you think about the 2010 Honda VRF1200T?

Source: MCN


I am still in love with my ’07 R1200RT. That being said... I remember when the first CB750 Four hit our streets in 1969. I was only 13, but I immediately hopped on the bus to Schenectady so I could drool all over one of those incredible beasts at the nearest Honda dealership. One day I witnessed four middle-aged men, each riding his own brand new shiny CB750. They were taking a break at the lake I was swimming in. I’ve been envious of those guys ever since that hot summer’s day. If the VFR1200T materializes in anywhere near the form of these photos, I’m finally going to know what those four guys felt like. Next year now has the potential of being 1969 all over again! Most things may not be as pure as they were back then, but this machine will likely make up for most of our present day’s shortcomings. I’ll take mine in dark blue and silver, thank you. Please throw in a generous fuel capacity and real automotive cruise control. Lastly, make the top box easily available to us Yanks. Hopefully, it will be well worth my brief 41 year wait. Maybe I’ll even inspire some nice young kid to have some fun of his own while he’s visiting this crazy world.

It looks great any colour would do it is just a matter of riding this VFR1200T model.smiley

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