2010 Triumph Daytona rendering

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The English site Performance Bikes has created the latest hypothesis – a very accurate one, if you allow – regarding the 2010 Triumph Daytona 1050. Basing on the fact that Triumph Triumph will use the three-cylinder engine currently powering the Speed Triple and Tiger models, they designed basically a sharper Daytona 650 on steroids.

Indeed, the 2010 Triumph Daytona 1050 is expected to look much like his middleweight brother and the rendering, although very realistic, is a little exaggerated. For instance, those Audi-like headlights do look good, but would never light the bike’s way into the night while the passenger seat is rather narrow, but apart from that it shouts out loud the Triumph name.

With a single-sided swingarm –and the implicit Speed Triple wheel –, narrow body and two beautiful colors, this is one very good overall image of what Triumph will be adding to their lineup in 2010.

Source: Motoblog
2010 Triumph Daytona rendering


Indeed, it will be practically built for the track. The have the kindness to add headlights and mirrors and call it street legal.

It has a great racing look .

I like the rims.

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