2020 Harley-Davidson concept looks neat!

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Harley-Davidson motorcycles are rideable legends, iron horses used by riders to traverse the world’s continents and they never seem to stop. Best characterized by their timeless looks and loud engines, it seems like they’ll be here a long time from now and we truly hope they will. But we also must admit that the need is felt for Harleys to evolve radically in the appropriate future, so it is just a matter of doing so in the right way.

Designer Jonathan Russell sees a way for H-D to appeal to 2020’s young crowd with a concept bike that looks clean and inviting, just the kind of machine needed to bring a fresh new feel in the Milwaukee company’s lineup. Although it looks like the 2010 H-D concept is all about a big engine, two wheels and a pair of handlebars, the designer also proposes some technological goodies from Apple.

Featuring lots of aluminum and laser etching as well as LEDs hidden under perforations in the bodywork, which should conclude in the thank-mounted instruments, taillight and signal lights, would this bike should look like a decade-old laptop on wheels? Anyway, it is worth a thorough look, so click past the break for more detailed sketches.

Source: autoblog

2020 Harley-Davidson concept looks neat!
2020 Harley-Davidson concept looks neat!
2020 Harley-Davidson concept looks neat!


I guess it’s likely to be created on 2017, harley’s on the future needs to fly dude.

I like how it looks nice concept.

Awesome, and this is why Harley will never make it.

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