210bhp BMW S1000RR by Van Harten Performance

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BMW tuner Van Harten Performance from Holand recently got its hands on a brand new BMW S1000RR superbike and, apart from turning it into what appears to be a carbon fiber edition, it can also brag about being the first to take the S1000RR beyond the 200bhp barrier. And I’m not so sure you’ll believe us when saying they managed to squeeze 210bhp out of German inline-four by only adding a four-in-one Akrapovic exhaust system. But it is the truth and it really shows this bike’s tuning potential.

Source: MCN


This is a superbike for the race track nice.smiley

That is definitely a super bike. 210Bhp is totally cool. That makes the bike supreme. Every inch and style is very tough looking.

I wonder what the first dyno figure was before the pipe was upgraded? somewhere around 200 would be my guess

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