250bhp turbocharged Icon Sheene tribute bike

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Motorcycle designer and builder Andrew Morris is the kind of fan that gets stuff done from special reasons and he recently presented his 250bhp turbocharged tribute to Barry Sheene at Goodwood. The bike is called the Icon Sheene and dubbed ‘the ultimate road bike’. A simple look at it is what it takes to understand why.

When asked about his favorite Grand Prix motorcycle road racer Morris said: “Barry Sheene was a hero – of mine and everyone else. I believe the Icon Sheene is a fitting tribute to this remarkable man and I’m very fortunate to have his family’s backing for the project.”

Source: MCN


It looks like a Katana race bike and it good that is a Barry Sheene Icon bike.smiley

Cool. The design looks fabulous but is it street legal? If yes then I hope that it gets into production even as a limited edition as it looks really neat.

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