3Z Scale Bulldog R/C Rider transforms into Quad

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Multifunctional products might be exactly what the kid in each one of us looks for when buying either an R/C car or a quad. The best of 3Z Scale’s Buldog R/C rider is that it combines fun with practicability in a way that we haven’t yet had the honor to see before. This remote controlled vehicle features a stadium truck body, but underneath which an 110cc four-stroke engine, automatic transmission, disc brakes, independent suspensions and aluminum wheels package is ready to keep things interesting with and especially without the rider on it.

The big size R/C can be piloted using a 2.4 GHz radio transmitter, but also as a fun all terrain vehicle. The handlebars are there simply because the Buldog can’t be remote controlled with the rider actually on it, but that’s what makes things interesting from our point of view. Being 4’2” long and weighing almost 200 pounds, this thing can provide a veritable off-road ride, but you better check it out for yourselves in the video attached after the jump.

Source: autoblog

3Z Scale International is part of Global Power Sports, LLC and are located in Phoenix, Arizona. The Bulldog R/C Rider is their first product, a remote control and drivable monster that features a keypad interlock system designed to restrict operation to authorized adult drivers/riders.

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