Acabion GTBO Motorcycle Ready To Hit The Streets

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This ambitious project showed enough interest in order to start being produced so rich adrenaline junkies will get a new toy on their hands. Let’s just hope this won’t be their last because when it comes to outrageous numbers, I don’t know what beats it.

Acabion GTBO Motorcycle Ready To Hit The Streets

A man with a vision! Peter Maskus designed the GTBO in order to resolve the world’s transportation problems on long distances, but the way I see it owners of the truly amazing machinery will have it put on a trailer and taken to the salts where it can do its best. And that means reaching a top speed of 340 mph which makes it the fastest thing on wheels. We are used to write about 0-60mph acceleration numbers, but the Acabion breaks the rules managing to accelerate from 0 to 300mph in just 30 seconds

By reading the incredible numbers you immediately start wondering how is the fuel consumption on this jet-looking motorcycle featuring a turbocharged Hayabusa engine. Not bad, you will say. At 100mhp it eats 100mpg while at 250mhp, 25mpg. This is the result of its radical, aerodynamic design which although is most likely to be seen on the sky proves efficient on the streets also.

Acabion GTBO Motorcycle Ready To Hit The Streets

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