Any hopes for the CB1100R?

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Even though everybody was enthusiastic about the prototype’s evolution and most of all about the unique idea, the answer for the question on everyone’s lips is No.

Any hopes for the CB1100R?

The reason why the motorcycling public will be so disappointed is related to financial issues. No matter how thinks would have gone for this truly excellent concept the actual buyer wouldn’t have been satisfied at all. Nobody is happy to find out that the bike won’t see the production line, but would they be happy to pay big money for it?

This is what the bike’s designer, Koji Miwa explains: “If we send the CB1100R to the market as it is, the price will be very expensive, because we selected high-quality parts. I want this bike to be on sale as a regular model. I don’t want this bike to be a kind of limited specially-made machine.”

And I guess it won’t be, after all.

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