Aprilia at EICMA exhibition

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Aprilia presence is one of great depth at EICMA, the 2006 International Motorcycling Exhibition (November 14th-19th). Four highly-awaited new products and a series of other novelties complete the range of the Noale production house, leaving it without peers in the European scene.

The Aprilia 850 Mana, the Aprilia 750 Shiver, the Aprilia MXV 450, and the revolutionary V4 Race Machine engine have been unveiled to the press. Brand-new products, that will animate the 2007 motorcycling season and (following the debut of the twin 450 and 550cc off-road bikes) mark the birth of an entire line of extremely high-performing motorizations (even in the road sector) that were developed exclusively by Aprilia.

  • The first important innovation is the NA 850 Mana. Never has there been such an innovative and technologically revolutionary Aprilia. An advanced system for electronic transmission control allows for a relaxed ride with the utmost amount of fun and efficiency. The Aprilia 850 Mana is a motorcycle without competitors in the international market, capable of delivering results under any types of use. A simple touch of the button on the handlebar of the Aprilia 850 Mana and you’ll enter into a completely different world. Three separate mappings for the totally automatic transmission and a sequential shift with 7 gears make it easy to find the best-adapted configuration for the traffic and riding conditions of the Aprilia 850 Mana.
  • The naked segment meets the Aprilia SL 750 Shiver. Intuitive, powerful, easy to manage, and highly technological. Once again an Aprilia twin is creating new performance standards in its category, being the first to introduce electronic management of the accelerator, “Ride by Wire”. Light, agile, and powerful, it has a new generation engine and the most advanced technical solutions in the sector. The new 90° V2 was developed completely within Aprilia and is extremely compact and capable of offering levels of power (95 CVs) that are comparable to the category’s 4-cyclinder bikes. The chassis, in accordance with Aprilia tradition, is without rival, and the innovative frame (composed of a mix of pylon and aluminum) offers superior rigidity and lightness.
  • With an incredibly compact twin engine that boasts of record-breaking performances, the Aprilia MXV 450 is the 3rd important item of the new range. After the great success in the Supermotard and Enduro here is the new, daring challenge to transfer the philosophy of the twin engine over to the cross. This was done by dressing it up with a unique design composed of essential, unmistakable, tight, and decisive lines, that emit a sensation of lightness yet constructiveness. The designers inserted the distinctive earmarks of the entirely Aprilia production in a comprehensive and evident way, launching a new style for off-road bikes.
    Aprilia at EICMA exhibition
  • The V4 Race Machine Aprilia engine (the first 4-cylinder from Aprilia) is ready to create a new reference point for Superbike engines. With a tight, 4-cylindrical architecture, premiere technology, and extreme compactness, the future of the Superbike is in this propulsor that is capable of over 210 CVs of power. The project was developed completely within Aprilia R&D department with the intent of quickly adding the Superbike World Championship to the list of categories in which Aprilia has already conquered 32 international titles (six in 2006 season).

But the news in the motorcycling world does not end here.

  • The Pegaso debuts in the “Factory” version and promises the maximum amount of sport and fun. New technological contents (calipers and anterior, radial brake pump, carbon bodywork, wheels, and spokes with alloy rims) and graphics bring it even closer to the world of specialized motard bikes with the same versatility as ever.
  • The Tuono 1000 R has confirmed its technological and performance superiority with an even more powerful propulsor. The new, 139 hp engine has arrived and offers not only more power but also more opportunities for road-use.
  • Riding on the waves of the latest success in the Rally championship, the off-road has been enriched with a version of the RXV 450/550 that shares its mechanics but also enjoys a 12-liter tank, modified seat, lavish engine protection, support, and access to the road book. In celebration of World Supermotard win, there will be a SXV 4.5/5.5 “Van Den Bosch Replica”
  • The admiral RSV 1000 will present itself with new graphic proposals in Nero Aprilia, Silver Crowd, and Replica, the last being a limited edition of 200 motorcycles.

No less important and varied is the news from the scooter sector, the first of which is the renovation of the Scarabeo range. The 2007 model year does not betray the philosophy behind the success of the real and true icon of two-wheelers.

  • The Scarabeo 50 Street presents new elements but preserves the unique somatic features that made it the most famous and imitated high-wheeler. The design is enriched with new stylistic elements such as renovated optical groups even for technology, new rims, and the front fairing.
    Aprilia at EICMA exhibition
  • The Scarabeo 125/200 Street again takes command of the philosophy that brought it success: a lighter design and form make for perfect access to the Scarabeo range. A luxurious entry level bike with an exceptional quality/price ratio, it is now available in the Blue Couture, Shot Grey, and Shine Red color schemes.
  • The 250 engine is the new element of the 2007 Scarabeo injection range. It is the best propulsor for scooters in its category. Capable of over 21 CVs and consistent torque in all regimes, the Scarabeo 250 confronts urban and suburban traffic with no problems whatsoever.
  • The Atlantic debuts the brand-new 400cc. Driven by a modern, single-cylinder, water-cooled 34 CV valve (therefore capable of being driven by riders in possession of an A2 license), the Atlantic offers performance, comfort, and extra room and storage space. In addition, the most brilliant maxi scooter on the market has also become the cleanest as it reaches Euro 3 standards.

Finally, the fresh and vivacious graphics of “Spain’s N° 1” for the SR 50 Factory, the RS 50, and the RS 125 celebrate the 250cc World Championship won by the official Aprilia rider, Jorge Lorenzo.

The 2006 edition of EICMA allows Aprilia to exhibit the results of its renovation process that both integrate and complete an exemplary line of products, ranging from the smallest to the largest number of cylinders in both the road and off-road sectors.

All new products and the entire range are on exhibit at Pavillon 10, stand L60.

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