Aprilia highlights at the EICMA

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Aprilia SMV 750 Dorsoduro

Aprilia celebrates a great 2007 full of victories (2 World titles in 250 GP, 2 World titles in 125 GP, the World Supermoto S2 Constructors’ title) amazing its fans with another innovative design. The Aprilia 750 Dorsoduro motard has been conceived and developed on the basis of experience gained from the world’s Aprilia-dominated GP and supermotard circuits. The Dorsoduro is powered by a 750 cc, 95hp, liquid cooled engine with a second generation ride-by-wire control system. This exciting new motorcycle combines power and agility, sports construction and essential design, and incorporates the best features of racing supersport and supermotard machines. A concentration of performance and technology capable of delivering riding pleasure and great fun, the Dorsoduro is a special, extreme and elite bike with the unique ability to elevate its rider to the level of a champion.

Aprilia highlights at the EICMA

Aprilia RX and SX 125

Aprilia is proud to announce the arrival of a 125 cc enduro and supermotard, packed with many of the advanced features that have made the RXV and SXV so amazingly successful. The RX and SX are dedicated to young riders in search of a bike with high performance and stunning looks. Powered by Aprilia’s tate-of-the-art, liquid cooled 125 cc two stroke sports single, the RX and SX boast top quality components. The double cradle frame is enhanced by super-robust suspension. The RX is fitted with classic 21" and 18" enduro wheels for great action on all surfaces while the SX is fitted with 17" wheels and a spectacular 150/60 rear tyre for maximum grip under supermotard riding conditions.

Aprilia highlights at the EICMA

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