Aprilia misses the podium at the 4th round of the Italian motocross championship

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The first half of the Italian motocross championship has been completed and the final phase began on March 16th in Cingoli (Macerata province) at the third-to-last round on the schedule. On Saturday, the qualifying sessions took place on the difficult and tricky track in Le Marche. An optimal Cedric Melotte (Aprilia Mxv 4.5) marked the fourth-best time of the Mx1 class. It was instead a tormented round for Fabien Izoird (Aprilia Mxv 4.5), who wasn’t able to find the right balance for the track, where he had never before raced. The young Frenchman clocked in the 24th-best time overall.

The next morning’s warm-up allowed Izoird to gain further confidence on the track to the point that he was able to finish 6th in Race 1. Yet in the second heat scrimmage, he clashed with an opponent and was forced back to 14th place. From there he mounted a comeback and finished in 7th place. In Race 2, he was able to climb back from 9th to 7th place, battling it out at long with the top riders.

Aprilia misses the podium at the 4th round of the Italian motocross championship

The opening fraction saw Melotte start well as he settled into 8th place during the first lap. Cedric forced the pace and made his way into 6th place before being hindered by a slip in the ninth lap. The Belgian completed a few more turns before heading to the box early due an anterior vibration that was caused by the fall.

Melotte wasn’t able to repeat his brilliant Race 1 start in the conclusive session. He instead found himself in 17th place after the first lap but nonetheless climbed back into 9th place. Then, being a bit fatigued, he slid during the last lap and fell back to 13th place.

It has been confirmed that the “Step 3” evolution of the official MXV 4.5s will be debuted on March 23-24th at Cardano al Campo (VA) before the World Motocross Championship begins on April 6th in Valkenswaard (Holland). The race in Cardano al Campo will take place the day after Easter, and perhaps the debut will reveal a few pleasant surprises...

Aprilia misses the podium at the 4th round of the Italian motocross championship

Cingoli (MC) - 4th round of the Italian motocross championship

MX1 Class
Race 1:

  • 1. Antonio Cairoli (Yamaha);
  • 2. Alex Salvini (Suzuki) ;
  • 3. Cristian Beggi (Honda);
  • 7. Fabien Izoird (Aprilia MXV 4.5).
  • Withdrawn: Cedric Melotte (Aprilia MXV 4.5).

Race 2:

  • 1. Alex Salvini (Suzuki) ;
  • 2. Cristian Beggi (Honda);
  • 3. Antonio Cairoli (Yamaha);
  • 7. Fabien Izoird (Aprilia MXV 4.5);
  • 13. Cedric Melotte (Aprilia MXV 4.5).

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