Bat Bike concept by Bembli Design

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The Bat Bike concept was designed by Marouane Bembli who drew inspiration from the movies Dark Night and Transformers in the attempt to combine the raw mechanics of a transformer with the stealthiness of a batmobile.

Claimed being a guardian of the city, the V4-powered concept could handle itself without human interference. This makes us thing of it as the future of police bikes. What do you think?

Source: automotto

Bat Bike concept by Bembli Design
Bat Bike concept by Bembli Design


Well, I’m guessing that it wouldn’t be as flexible as that of the current bat bike. It will be just a restriction to batman’s movements. Although it doesn’t look bad. Maybe they can use it on Pucca or something. Lol just kidding.

Interesting design, props to Bembli!

well hopefully they’ll feature it on the next batman movie, i has the looks of the first bat mobile.

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