Biggest street legal motorcycle!

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Most of us have seen or heard about outrageous motorcycles that are built to stand out from the crowd or measure as much as the entire crowd put together, but we’ve never wondered if they can actually be ridden on legal roads at least with the minimum safety precautions.

It seems that somebody has not only considered this aspect, but also came with a solution to it. By its name, the Gunbus motorcycle is the latest creation of Mr. Clemens F. Leonhardt. Also, this is the first world’s biggest motorcycle expected to go into production so imagine how would be to ride one of these things.

Quite a bang, I’m telling you! With a 410-cubic-inch, air-cooled, pushrod V-Twin the Gunbus stays true to its name: shoots like a gun, drives like a bus.

What we’re still waiting to see is the sidecar which is being designed for it, but we’re sure it is going to be another world braking record. Hey, at least you can take the kids with you and know that they’re safer that on a regular bike with sidecar.

But until, the sidecar arrives (or the kids) check out this blonde girl!

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Biggest street legal motorcycle!
Biggest street legal motorcycle!


Does this thing really drive ? because it seems like you will not touch the ground unless you are above 7 feet tall smiley

I wonder if that chick has the biggest ass

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