Blastolene Rocket II Trike makes pit stop at Jay Leno's Garage

We featured this beast of a tricycle about a month ago and now it’s back for some more publicity. The only difference between then and now is that Tim Cotterill’s Rocket II Tricycle just may have found a new fan in no less than Jay Leno himself.

Cotterill’s one-of-a-kind work of art made its way to Jay Leno’s Garage and was given a thorough run-down by the celebrity car enthusiast. Needless to say, Jay Leno - just like the rest of us - came away impressed with Cotterill’s gargantuan creation, especially the supercharged dual-plug unit Hemi V8 that runs off of pump gas at a gas-guzzling rate of 3 mpg. Not exactly the type of vehicle environmentalists will be going gaga over.

In any case, we were a little bummed out when Jay Leno opted against taking the Rocket II out for a ride - who knows what he would have done with it - but Cotterill certainly made up for it by reminding us once more just how insane his creation is.


Jay Leno has his own ways to try everything. From sportscar to motorbikes, such a lucky one to ride for the Rocket II. And the video was really amusing.

I don’t really know which is the luckier one, Tim Cotterill or Jay Leno. I sure want to see this baby up close.

i want to no that things 0-60 time

Very good looking trike!


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