BMW K1200LT, the two-wheeled cow

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With quite a few occasions, we happened to see various sportsbikes that resembled different cats, but to our surprise this is a motorcycle wrapped in fur and it is anything but light, agile and very fast. It couldn’t have possibly been any of those attributes simply because this BMW K1 K1 200LT is supposed to look like a cow. If we must be mean, we would say the standard bike does a very good job in that concern, but it seems that the owner of this particular one lend a very helpful hand.

Source: motoblog


eerrr, ok. The owner must be an owner of a cow farm too as well or a milk factory. Anyways, it doesn’t look that bad. I mean there are worse ones out there.

I’ll prefer this one than the Lightning powered trike Yog.

Funny lookin K1200LT cowbike.

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