BMW R65 by WrenchMonkees

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Nowadays, in order to bring a motorcycle industry icon back in the attention of public you might just go ahead and restore the thing to its former glory, but people often also have their very own interpretations regarding to how that wallpaper should look like and they go ahead with the respective changes. So is this case in which the BMW R65/7 gets a BMW R80 engine, the source of 55 hp, instead of the original much smaller and less potent powerplant. WM’s megatron mufflers are present and so is the heat wrap on them.

While the stock fork, swingarm and rims are retained, only that these lasts are now wrapped in Firestone Deluxe Champion rubber, the whole difference is created by the parts made in house. These would be the rearframe, seat and fenders as well as the handlebar, levers, grips and lights. This thing also features Gazi Gas rear shocks for enhanced comfort, but in the end it is nothing more than a rider’s bare necessity in order to connect itself to the open road. The WM custom paint helps at identifying this BMW as being tricked out by WrenchMonkees, the Copenhagen-based custom builder.


I want this BMW R65 bike classic cool style.smiley

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