BMW S1000RR pulls tablecloth off table in a blink of an eye!

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It looks like BMW would go to any lengths only to impress their audience and because simply releasing a video of their new S1000RR superbike performing on a closed-course track would have made them look like pattern followers, they instead choose to pull out an old trick with new means.

Pulling the tablecloth off a table without smashing the dishes is cool, but where does the S1000RR intervene? Well, the 193 horsepower superbike capable to go from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds can slightly increase the scale. So, will the dishes stay put or go flying all over the place? Click past the break for an answer that comes in a blink of an eye.

Source: autoblog

P.S. Hey, who said superbikes aren’t practical motorcycles?


@ Nash_blue i agree with you. Even a single bottle or champagne is not moving at all.

Ha ha, His bike has a cape.

I agree it’s fake, maybe it’s a double layer table.

Sorry to burst everyones bubble but im pretty sure this is fake. Pause at 0:37. Almost positive it digital the way the guy is mysteriously in the middle of the table cloth. Dont get me wrong, I own an S1000RR and love it but this is a little over the edge.

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