BMW says no to naked S1000RR

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Since BMW introduced the S1000RR less than a year ago, the motorcycle press began to speculate about the possible half-faired or naked models that could be derived from what has meanwhile become the best superbike out there.

We even brought you the BMW R1000RS and S1000RS concepts by Oberdan Bezzi, but according to an official release, BMW doesn’t yet have other plans for the S1000RR platform as spokesman Scott Grimsdall said: “We’re concentrating on the launch of the S1000RR and have no plans to expand the S range.”

While this is sad news for buyers of such models and good news for the current kings of 1000cc sport-touring and naked classes, we reckon BMW are just playing it safe for now and will get their fair share of the market after all.

Source: MCN


First I would like to see a 600 sportbike that would be good.smiley
For a naked bike is gonna be a while I think.

Nah! You’re spoiling everything. Just think of it as an art your just being malicious. Nude models are bikes tradition.

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