Brembo's new airbag jacket can be a life saver [w/video]

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We recently made a post about the Alpinestars Tech Air Race motorcycle suit that features airbags as an extra protection system and while that is a viable solution for riders that plan on keeping the action mostly on the track and definitely using superbikes, this late airbag jacket that Brembo has created appears to be much more appropriate for daily use by commuters and mainly by those who also want to retain a fashionable and stylish note apart from the extra safety.

Called the Brembo Life Jacket, this very special motorcycle/scooter clothing item features an airbag system that deploys in just 80 milliseconds when the rider is suddenly separated from his/her machine. The immediate response is thanks to a new activator developed with Helite and Sabelt. These lasts are responsible for the inertial reel connection cable that is attached to the motorcycle that triggers the airbag.

Brembo's new airbag jacket can be a life saver [w/video]

Designed to protect the torso, chest, back and neck, the Life Jacket remains inflated for 60 seconds before slowly regaining its original size. Using Oxford nylon and Teflon fabric, this type of safety jacket is very light and comes in three models for men and two for women. Colors available are white, black, blue, red, silver gray and sand mélange. Hit the jump to see the demonstration video.


I don’t know about that, I still consider bikes a dangerous vehicle at the city streets.

Not a bad idea this jacket sure it would work is you fall.

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