Can you spot the sexy babe in this photo?

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We hear a lot of talk about how riders should feel like part of their bikes or see the bikes as extensions of their bodies, but we haven’t come across a good example to show you until now. In fact, we’re better off putting it like this: can you spot the girl in this photo?

I bet you do. What’s best is that the Ducati motorcycle had its fairing stripped down so it would match the naked girl. This shows that when inspiration strikes, it does it big time.

Source: masmoto


I took this picture of Amelia Talon in my back yard.

wow! she looks like a new born baby..hehe

aah,, she’s actually like a baby fast asleep..smiley

That is a nice naked girl bike.smiley

Errr, who wouldn’t see her actually? Well, I kinda remember when I used to still ride bikes and it does feel like you are a part of it and driving in a fast pace can really make you feel like flying, although compared to driving cars its more tiring.

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