Cannery row meet in Monterey

After today’s qualification for the MotoGP at Mazda Raceways Laguna Seca, we headed toward downtown Monterey to see the traditional Cannery row meet. Lot’s of bikes and among them a some very interesting custom and exotics such as the rare Honda RC45, Bimota 3D or a cool Kawa Turbo. The ambiance is typical of South California meets, bring family and friends of all ages.

Check the out the gallery, and now that you know where to go after the qualification laps, see you in Monterey next year.


Wow that’s a beautiful thing to wake up in the morning. There are lots of bikes to show off. I feel a little bit of sadness because I don’t have the chance to witness this kind of event.

Great that you can head downtown to see great bikes.
Its the first time I seen a 1200R turbo KAWASAKI looks cool.smiley

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