Cargo Scooter is like riding a suitcase

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A concept of Elliot Ortiz, the Cargo Scooter tries to bring the miniature trunk in the world of scooters. And they don’t mean a front or rear basket, no sir!

The concept is inspired on the famous Vespa, the scooter that put the world on two wheels, but that is only when seeing it from the front. Take a look from the side and you’ll notice a gigantic square shaped hole having the purpose of carrying luggage or anything else that the modern scooter rider may be needed to carry.

DHL has even borrowed the concept, but I still have a feeling it will remain only at this level. The different loads that the scooter might be needed to carry could affect its stability and surprise the rider who after a fall he would have more than a few regrets related to buying the practical looking thing.

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Cargo Scooter is like riding a suitcase
Cargo Scooter is like riding a suitcase
Cargo Scooter is like riding a suitcase


Not bad but it can still be difficult to handle specially if you have heavy loads but that is a great idea. One thing that I find very difficult with motorcycles is that it’s not that luggage friendly. Having a backpack can also be intimidating at times and tiring if it has a heavy load.

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