Choppers and Pizza

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It seems that the look of a chopper inspires artists to create useful daily objects that remind a rider of its passion even when….it slices a pizza. Or should I say rides on a pizza? Let’s not exaggerate here!

Choppers and Pizza

Frankie Flood is an innovative artist with a taste for amazing thinks so as a source of inspiration for the design of simple Pizza-Cutters it choose choppers, going as far as it could imagine and designing these small Chopper-Inspired Pizza-Cutters which depending on the style that they approach, they are named Phatboy, Pizza for Life, Mantis, Easy Rider and Psycho Pizza Cadillac.

Exhibited at the Museum of Wisconsin Art, the Pizza-Cutters are meant to be simply admired, pretty much like the choppers that it tends to imitate.

Choppers and Pizza

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