Dario Caroselli's Ducati Desmo concept

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The latest creation of italian designer Dario Caroselli is called the Ducati Desmo and it is, obviously, a supersport motorcycle designed following the strict requirements that end up turning these things into “two-wheeled Ferraris”.

While there is little hope that Ducati considers adding another liter bike for their already vast supersport lineup and this could ever turn into the actual one, Caroselli has even thought at three different color schemes that could be used. Looking at the details, you can easily spot the consecrated L-twin Ducati engine configuration, which in this case attracts our attention for being positioned right in the middle for better mass centralization.

We cannot say this is not a plausible and great looking concept, but we’re simply having serious doubts that it will ever find a better place than our desktop backgrounds.

Source: motoblog

Dario Caroselli's Ducati Desmo concept
Dario Caroselli's Ducati Desmo concept


It looks cool for a supersport Ducati.smiley

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