Ducati Desmoscrambler concept by Oberdan Bezzi

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Italian design guru Oberdan Bezzi has inked another motorcycle sketch indicating Ducati the possibilities of enlarging their lineup this time with what Obiboi calls the Ducati Desmoscrambler. The concept is a single-cylinder desmo addressed to everyone searching for a fun and economical motorcycle that can be used both on and off the road. Personality is also taken into consideration.

At its base, a 450cc single-cylinder engine should help at turning most of the designer’s ideas into reality, but only if Ducati ever considers the Desmoscrambler 450 for their future lineup.

via: Motoblog


Simple and superb. If they bring this one in to production, I’m sure there will be a queue for it before every showroom. A good choice for rug and economical point of view.

The concept’s pretty neat.

Looks greatsmiley if they ever make this model it would go well.

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