E-TX Urban electric concept bike by Bako

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As cities are getting crowdier every day, more and more urban electric concept vehicles emerge and this precise one called the E-TX Urban looks kind of good. Entirely electric, rechargeable via an AC outlet and powered by a Roadson Etronic 16 generator developing an impressive 132.5 kw, this is the kind of electric bike a wheelie lover would ride in the future.

French designer Bako claims a top speed of 150 mph, but that’s a bit unrealistic as the 2010 Zero Street , which is now being produced, tops out at 67 mph. That’s the big and important part that currently makes the E-TX Urban a concept vehicle.

E-TX Urban electric concept bike by Bako


Hmm, this concept is great and the speed is just fine considering that it;s all electrical.

It looks good.

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