eBay find of the day: 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa Reverse Trike

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Suzuki never saw the Hayabusa as a trike, but this doesn’t stop others to customize it in the way they think it will suit them best. This Hayabusa reverse trike was spotted on eBay, where it is posted with a $34,999 asking price.

The biggest disadvantage that the TT-Busa, as it is called, has over the stock bike is the fact that it doesn’t appear to lean. The extra wheel does make it a little bit safer, but gets rid of the Hayabusa fun factor and that’s no advantage. This thing is meant to catch the attention of people as it rolls down the streets with its two custom built front wheels and extended swingarm with 300 rear tire.


You have a point here dude, the driver will sit awkwardly. And a little bit pricey for a costumed Hayabusa.

i remember the older Busa some guy put 4 wheels on it

and another guy had 3 wheels but they were in a row

This takes the fun of the Busa but I gotta say it looks good.smiley

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