European motorcycle industry launches wide road safety campaign featuring cartoon character

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Probably because reckless motorcycle riders often think like children, the motorcycle industry launches European wide road safety campaign featuring a cartoon character, suggestively called Lucky.

Press release after the break

European motorcycle industry launches wide road safety campaign featuring cartoon character

Press release:

ACEM, the Motorcycle Industry in Europe, has chosen a cartoon to help motorcycle and scooter riders avoiding the potential risks related to the infrastructure. The cartoon will be launched today at the European Road Safety Day organized by the European Commission in Paris.

The objective of this safety campaign is to raise the riders’ awareness about the potential risks coming from the roadway itself. The campaign was developed together with motorcycle instructors and will feature 13 episodes released on a monthly basis. Each issue will focus on a particular risk factor giving tips and recommendations to riders on how to best tackle these different situations.

Accidents caused by the infrastructure account for 8% of the total according to MAIDS*. Poor conditions of many European roads and the fact that PTWs specific needs are still often neglected in road engineering are the main reasons for this situation. Rider behavior in addressing each situation plays therefore a major role in PTW safety. By providing more information on the road environment, this safety campaign will help riders in making better choices and contribute to improve their own safety.

ACEM released in 2006 the “Guidelines for PTW-safer road design in Europe” as part of the integrated approach of its Safety Plan for Action. This technical manual, developed together with road engineers and mainly aimed at policy makers, urban planners and contractors, supplied information which could also have safety benefit for PTW users. The comic strip is the medium chosen by ACEM to convey in a user-friendly format the valuable information of the Infrastructure Handbook to PTW users.

The cartoon can be downloaded from acem. Following the first release on junctions, the next episodes will feature roadside hazards, dangerous road surfaces, diesel and liquid spills, damaged and badly repaired surfaces, badly designed traffic calming devices, night time hazards, winter and ice treatments, surface debris, badly designed central islands, metal fixtures and paint markings and badly designed curves.

With this safety campaign the Motorcycle Industry reaffirms its commitment toward safety. ACEM is a signatory of the European Road Safety Charter aiming at reducing road fatalities by 50% by 2010.

* MAIDS - Motorcycle Accidents In-Depth Study - analyzed more than 900 motorcycle and moped accidents during the period 1999-2003 in five sampling areas located in France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Italy. To provide comparative information, more than 900 control cases have also been analyzed in the same sampling areas. The data collected in the MAIDS study represents currently the most comprehensive database of PTW accidents available today.

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