Ferrari CX 10 bicycle for children

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Although this is not an actual motorcycle, at $265.9 (€195) the Ferrari CX 10 is probably the cheapest way to brag about having the famous logo on one of the toys in your garage.

Produced by Turbo exclusively for Ferrari, this thing screams performance. It has an aluminum frame, fork and stem, a front V-brake and rear coaster brake as well as a carbon rear fender. Overall, it weighs 20 lbs (9.1kg) and the size makes it great for 3- to 5-year olds.


It looks cool in that photo. Well, the pricing was costly. Surely, the kids will love this.

This bicycle would surely love by kids. It looks so cute and stunning on its design and color and just like them, I’m expecting it to have a reasonable price for the kids. smiley

I’m sure that the price of this bicycle is not practical to the children. I’m sure parents won’t allow their children to bring this bike outside their backyard.

Ferrari really did a good job for their designs. Worthy to be recognize.

well I guess I agree, this is a the cheapest way to have a logo of highly expensive and exotic car.

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