Ghost bike or the most aerodynamic Skeleton ever

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The Skeletor is a truly unique custom made motorcycle by Vardenchi Customs from India and guess what. It doesn’t have a V-twin engine or much chrome to make it shine as it is ridden down the freeway, but its builder declares: “I’ve never got so many stares on a motorcycle before.” That is most likely because after hours and hours of hard work, the Skeletor motorcycle looks like it just rode out of a graveyard in a MJ-like music video.

The scary looking thing was actually ordered by a Mumbai celebrity and it took Vardenchi Customs three months to complete. It looks like the very demanding customer isn’t craving for an impressive horsepower figure, just a way to stand out furthermore from the crowd.

Based on a Vardenchi Classic, the Skeletor features the shop’s regular frame and two-arm-swinger, while the fork meets the frame at a rake angle that helps making it look like engaging in a some sort of attack position. On top of the original frame, this custom gets a bone-like look with a metal matte silver paintjob. Okay, this isn’t a prety sight in your rear view mirror, but it will sure let paparazzi know when their target is on the move.

Source: xbhp

Ghost bike or the most aerodynamic Skeleton ever
Ghost bike or the most aerodynamic Skeleton ever
Ghost bike or the most aerodynamic Skeleton ever


Definitely can be Nicholas Cage’s ride if he will have a sequel. The front look of the bike when driven looks really cool. I wonder how it light up at night, it would be really cool. I love the rib skeleton, it seems like its so real. I wonder who they borrowed the bones

Ridin this Ghost bike at night time would be cool.smiley

That bike is so cool. Have you seen Nicholas Cage movie The Ghost Rider, that one is not as spooky as these one but they have a fitting match. Metal punks also like this style.

well amazing custom bike, this should be featured on the next Ghost Rider movie.

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