Go behind the scenes of Travis Pastrana's New Year's Eve jump

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As you may already know, Travis Pastrana – the kind of guy that backflips a shoe bike , jumps his motorcycle over a hovering helicopter , backflips from one building to another etc for a living – has actually pulled off his latest stunt behind the wheel of his Subaru WRX STI rally car on new year’s eve. The stunt consisted in the daredevil jumping off a ramp mounted on a boat and onto a barge-mounted landing ramp. In between those: over 250 feet of water.

What you most likely don’t know is the extensive training required to pull off such a stunt and we’ve come to find that Pastrana practiced with both a car and motorcycle for this specific world-record-setting jump and even crashed the racing Subaru car after misjudging the speed required to land smoothly over the hump of the…whatever, just watch the behind-the-scenes video that Red Bull only recently made public.

Source: autoblog


Really amazing!!!A very perfect jump from Travis Pastrana!

Sure it takes balls to pull off this big of a stunt but in all honesty it was not very hard at all

I have several video about the nicest drifting of Travis in different places and they are all wonderful!

whoa, that was so unbelievable jump. While I’m watching to it. I think my jaw has dropped. So amazing..

Anybody else notice they didn’t show the "wreck" that was in the teasers we saw earlier in the week??? I was laughing when people were calling "fake" at the time. Now, I think they might be right. Any real wreck should have been shown to pump up the drama and danger factor before the real jump.

That definitely took a breath or two away. That was a great jump. Well, I think that one of the reasons on why he is confident on doing some jumps like this is because of the safety technology that cars have nowadays. They are very well equipped with safety gears that even if the car rolls, the driver and passenger will be just fine.

IMO Pastrana is in to jumping and not on rallying. good thing that he doesn’t hurt himself.. and if he does for sure Hitler will get angry to him...

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