Green Speed Air Powered Motorcycle Prototype

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Because the world that we live in spins around money, we have serious doubts that any vehicle prototype powered by an engine that runs on AIR will ever see the next stage (at least not as long as there’s still oil around and Bin Ladens to chase), but we do find Edwin Conan’s Green Speed motorcycle quite fascinating precisely because, as real as it might look and be (note that this is not just a concept, but an actual prototype), we know that we won’t get the change to see such thing on the streets.

While the bike was designed by Edwin together with a team of student designers and their teacher, the air-powered rotary engine was invented by Melbourne engineer Angelo Di Pietro. They worked together to come up with this air-powered motorcycle prototype that originally started live as a Suzuki GP100 back in the 1970s and even managed to give it a nice racy look to back up the innovations that stand at its base. We have attached the official details after the jump, so check this article out for more.

Green Speed Air Powered Motorcycle Prototype

Official Details

Industrial designer Edwin Conan is hinting toward a future where compressed air would be used as a primary fuel in vehicles such as motorcycles and bikes. The air-powered engine has been lurking around for years with Zero Pollution Motors working to launch air-powered cars soon. The idea does seem fantastic, as air-powered vehicles don’t harm the environment with greenhouse gas emissions and above all, air is cheap and readily available. However, most air-powered engines fail in two ways – either the operating range is no long enough or the speed of the vehicle is too low.

Edwin, accompanied by a team of student designers and their lecturer, has designed a concept air-fueled bike that possibly removes all obstacles associated with air-fueled vehicles. The motorcycle, known as Green Speed Air Powered Motorcycle, is based on an old Suzuki GP100 from the 1970s. The designers removed pretty much everything on the original bike, the petrol tank, the engine, gear box, etc., and just used the frame of the bike, its wheels and brakes.

The engine that used is a rotary air engine. It is the invention of the Melbourne engineer Angelo Di Pietro. The engine is compact, lightweight and powerful and runs on compressed air from two compressed air tanks on the bike. It revs up to 3,000 RPM, and because of this, the inventors didn’t need any gear box on the bike. There is only one gear, which is just a sprocket bolted directly to the axis of the engine and chained to the rear wheel.

Compressed air is stored in the bike’s on-board carbon fiber tanks. Once mass produced, the bike will have solar panels that will generate enough energy to compress air and store it in the bike’s tanks, which will increase its range indefinitely.

As the bike was designed as a speed record setter, there is no headlight, brake light or indicator lights on the bike. Instead, there were three little cameras fitted at the front and tail on the bike that are used to record the run. The body works were designed to be aerodynamic and lightweight, and it will be made of fiber glass or carbon fiber.


Now this is nice.smiley

What an awesome model, but I’m sure like the article says it won’t see the light of day. Come on, a bike that can replenish its own fuel source, business can make money off that.

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